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R2E - PACK is a longtime leader in the import and export of packaging products made of polyethylene, LD, MD, HD, LLD and metallocenes. Our company’s products are manufactured using the finest raw materials including biodegradable materials that preserve the environment. In recent years, the issue of waste handling has become one of the most pressing issues on the public agenda throughout the world The company manufactures bags with handles, bags for automated bread packaging, courier envelopes, food bags and garbage bags, and shrink wraps for industrial use. All of our bags come either plain or printed and it is possible to manufacture bags with a bottom fold or an adhesive tab or a perforated tab, as well as bags with holes for ventilation or with a hole at the top for a hanger R2E - PACK has a quality control department including a sophisticated lab and a product development department. There is oversight throughout all stages of the manufacturing process from the moment the order is taken until the goods are delivered to the customer. We grant each customer personal attention and provide technical assistance to the extent necessary. The bag manufacturing process at R2E - PACK is divided into four stages:
● Extrusion - to produce polyethylene and paper rolls in accordance with the customer’s requirements size, thickness, strength and technical requirements, at a high technological level
● Graphic design - we have a design department that designs graphics for our customers in accordance with their requests
● Printing - where up to 8 colors, process, are printed on the rolls of polyethylene and paper
● Cutting and packaging – to cut bags of all kinds according to the customer’s specifications At R2E - PACK, there is great emphasis on product quality and on adherence to delivery schedules

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In recent years, the problem of waste management has become one of the most pressing issues on the public agenda throughout the world and especially in Israel. Public opinion backed by the intensive efforts of various green organizations involved in environmental protection has prompted the legislature to initiate several laws whose aim is to reduce the volume of waste in garbage dumps and to treat it. Packaging is a major source of waste, and first among them are plastic products. Plastics of all kinds are a durable product that lasts for tens of centuries; consequently, over the years, a huge quantity of plastic waste has accumulated with no means of disposing of it. In addition, uncollected packaging waste causes irreversible environmental and ecological damage. R2E – PACK specializes in producing packaging and is known in Israel for the quality of its products for some 30 years. Protecting the environment is something that is important to us and therefore we have made the promotion of biodegradable bags a strategic goal of ours in an effort to create a better world. We found the solution by adding Nor-X, an additive developed in Norway which transforms durable plastic into oxo-biodegradable material. The additive is added in a minuscule concentration of 2% during the processing of the raw material, and it can be added to all types of polyethylene (HD, LD, and MD).